Welcome to Operation Organization

Welcome to Operation Organization

Welcome to Operation OrganizationWelcome to Operation Organization

About Us

Krista Kidd, Owner

   I have always had a niche for being organized. As a mother of four children, maintaining organization is a must! I started in the professional organizing industry back in 2009. I am the previous owner of Peace In Life LLC professional organizing services. I love what I do! Helping others create a more balanced, less stressful, and safer environment is very rewarding.  

   The main reason I opened my own professional organizing company is because I was an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician for AMR. Sheeting people out of cluttered homes and other locations to start medical treatment did not sit well with me. Time is of the essence in those situations and treatment is critical. I knew there had to be a better way to help others better prepare themselves for that, "what if...?" situation. 

   I have helped many clients over the years in creating individual systems that are easy to maintain from small in home spaces up to Corporate level companies. Not only do they have a more balanced and organized lifestyle to date, but they also have insight from an EMS stand point of how much space would be needed if ever faced with an emergency situation of their own.

What We Have to Offer

   We work alongside our clients the entire time. We offer coaching, teaching skills, setting up new systems easy to maintain for the long-run, and offer encouragement if there are any signs of stress and fatigue. When we wrap up our work day with our clients we offer homework assignments. It gives our clients accountability and helps complete the project area sooner.

   The lack of storage containers is not usually the problem when it comes to organizing spaces. As far as organizational products for our clients, we offer recommendations. In order to stay within our client's budget we first try to use items the client already has on hand. We also bring common everyday organizational supplies with us to each visit in order to better assist our client's needs, at no cost to the client. 

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

NV Business License #NV20171531249

Special Discounts


I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me!

**We offer special discounts to our Military members.

To our Men and Women in EMS that serve locally; Thank You is not enough for all you do. Stay Safe out there.

**We offer special discounts to Police, Fire, and Private Ambulance companies.

As the daughter of a retired CCSD employee; Thank You to all the Teachers teaching the youth of tomorrow.

**We offer special discounts for CCSD employees.

**Call to Inquire about Competitive Rates.

Contact Us

Click the link below to contact via e-mail. Call to schedule Your Consultation.

Operation Organization

P.O. Box 96981 Las Vegas, NV 89193

(702) 885-6712


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

Our Pricing

***We are more than happy to assist our clients and meet their deadlines. If you need to schedule an appointment outside normal business hours please allow 24-48 hours prior notice. Hourly rates outside normal business hours are $90/hr for one organizer, $150/hr for two organizers with a 3 hour minimum. Payment for services provided by Operation Organization will be due at the start of each work day scheduled, unless other payment arrangements have been made and approved by the manager of Operation Organization. 8 hour package deals are due in full at the start of the workday scheduled, even if split into two four hour days. 8 hour package deals must be completed within 2 weeks. 20 hour package deals can be split into 2 payments and must be completed within 1 month averaging 5 hours per week. 40 hour package deals can be split into 2 payments and must be completed within 2 months averaging 5 hours per week. ***

Package Rates

One Organizer

8 hours = $560.00

20 hours = $1,300.00

40 hours = $2,400.00

Two Organizers

8 hours  = $1,120.00

20 hours = $2,600.00

40 hours = $4,800.00

Additional Pricing

Standard IRS Mileage Rate

The current 2020 standard IRS mileage rate of $.57.5 cents per mile will apply for more than 15 miles round trip, per work visit. This rate is subject to change to reflect current IRS mileage rates.

Organizing Supplies

Supplies needed for organizing a client's specific space to be more efficient in the long-run will be bought and paid for by the client. We are more than happy to shop side by side with our clients, or on our own for the clients needed supplies if requested. Reimbursement for supplies is due the same day the supplies are bought.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation of a scheduled appointment with less than 24 hours prior notice, will be billed at $75.00 

Insufficient Funds

If a client's personal check is returned as NSF (non-sufficient funds), the client will be required to pay the full amount owed plus an additional $50.00 for the NSF fee. On repayment, ONLY a cashier's check or money order will be accepted. No further services will be rendered until payment is made in full.


There are NO refunds on services provided by the organizers of Operation Organization. If a client is unsatisfied with any services provided, please contact our office and we will work to resolve any issues you may have experienced at NO cost to the client.

Accepted Forms of Payment

We accept payment in the form of Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Zelle, and any major Credit Cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express). Square and PayPal are used for credit card purchases with a chip reader available. There is a 4.5% convenience charge added to the total amount owed per work visit for credit card payments.